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Looking to create monthly income? Tired of a dwindling nest egg? Stock market driving you crazy? Real estate is a tried and true investment strategy – over time any real property will gain in value. What other sectors can provide monthly dividends equivalent to rent rates?

Real estate investment can be complicated – acquiring the right property for the right price is just the beginning. There’s a lot to consider and we know the ropes. We’ve been there through our own investments as well as with our clients. We specialize in high return opportunities- sometimes this can be via purchasing single family homes or multi-family properties. This can mean commercial properties as well as large unit buildings in growing neighborhoods, or it could mean expanding your current real estate in a way you never thought of before. Tailoring creative solutions to fit our client’s individual objectives is our specialty. As industry professionals we love what we do and we’re good at it.

As a full service brokerage, we can find investment property to suit your specific intentions – retirement income, tax shelter or taking advantage of the current buyer’s market we find ourselves in. These strategies involve reaching the numbers you’ve got in mind. Not only can we find the real estate you’re looking for, we handle all aspects of property management – from tenant prospecting, application/background checks and ongoing tenant retention and property maintenance. As a general contractor we can help as needed with the initial renovations of the property as well as offer seamless ongoing building and tenant maintenance.

In addition to our general property management offering, we can provide real estate investor clients a unique offering: Acquisition & Disposition Services , Reserve Evaluations, Property Development, Construction & Renovations, Property Management Advising, Lease Audits, Maintenance Services, and all aspects of Project Management.

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